Highline Heritage Museum

The Museum is presenting these light up artworks in its Window Case along 152nd Avenue in Burien. Come by and see.

Artist Statement – Denise Henrikson

The Village of Light emerged from this time of COVID.  I didn’t intend to create a series- in January, I just wanted to create a House of Joy to reconnect with a sense of Joy within myself that I’d become disconnected from.  And I noticed, in the making of that house, that it also took me on a deep journey of contemplation. I discovered that in asking–  “What does the roof of Joy look like? The windows? The door? —  I simultaneously created a space within myself to ask  “What is my relationship to Joy?  Where does it “live” inside my body? How do I invite, cultivate and express it to myself? Others? And the world?

Then, COVID hit. And I created a second house- a place for Honoring the Earth- to give myself a place to consider my relationship to the earth. And I discovered that through making it, I simultaneously created a space within myself to sit with my anxiety about the unknown- a place to embrace it, but not be consumed by it.  And not push it away…  By giving my fears and yearnings a place to “live” — through contemplation and paper maché — I discovered I could transform my existential dread into a celebration of gratitude. Together, the houses have become a Village of Light. And my work of transforming grief into praise will never be done.

So I created:

a place for Honoring the Trees…
a place for Honoring the Sky…
a place for Honoring the Ancestors- past, present, and future
a place for Honoring Fear, courage and transcendence
a place for Honoring Exaltation…

The Highline Heritage Museum is located at 819 SW 152nd Street in Burien. Although the Museum is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is making plans to reopen soon.