Thread Formations

Auburn Arts Commission
Now through 5/2/2023

The City of Auburn and the Auburn Arts Commission are pleased to present “Thread Formations,” by Allyce Wood at the Cheryl Sallee Gallery, on view through May 2, 2023.

Artist Statement:

My artwork spans a number of materials and processes, shifting to suit my passions, subjects, and locations. I use digital and traditional processes to make installations, works on paper, and textiles.

My process begins with an image, a photograph, or a drawing that I codify into a matrix of ones and zeros, black and white. This code becomes my structure, the vertical sequence that makes up my tapestries, while I control the horizontal threads. This interplay of over and under, this system, is one that I follow, and also manipulate, shift, and otherwise corrupt in order to create detail or color transformations. As I weave, I am navigating my image, my surface, and the softness of my compositions through the set binary.

I aim to create tapestries that are evocative, full of rich imagery that demonstrates the beauty of the method as well as my personal storytelling narratives. Images of lupine flowers, hands holding hands, rippling water speak to growth, change, and support. The inherited hand-dyed wool fibers and threads from Scandinavian adventures speak to the wealth of information weavers share with one another.

The Cheryl Sallee Gallery is located in the Auburn Senior Center, 808 9th Street SE, Auburn.

Pictured above: Rotate by Allyce Wood