Under a Summer Sun

When I need to escape

the elusive grace

of butterfly wings

haunt my memories

and for an instant

I am a little girl again

under a summer sun

spending hour

evading my mother

so I could

run through

an abandoned field

and fill my jelly jar

with the promises

of possibility.





I can still see

your dimpled smile

and laughing eyes

and for a short moment

we chase butterflies

in an open field

laughing at the gift of summer

my brother and I

before time whispered his name

and called him home.





Summers catching


was my bridge

to another life.




KianaDavisKiana Davis is the author of Digging For Roots. She was born and raised in Richmond, California, and began writing poetry at the age of 12 to grapple with growing up in a low income community and to develop her identity as a young black girl in America. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Livingstone College in North Carolina, an historical black institution founded in 1879.

For the past 10 years, Davis has worked as an educator teaching at-risk youth in Washington State.

In 2014, Davis was awarded an Individual Heritage grant.  The grant has allowed her to publish her second collection of poetry. From These Roots Up will be launched at a book release party at YouthSource, 500 SW 7th Street in Renton, on August 12, 2015. Two hundred underserved youth and young adults in South King County, ages 12-25, will be gifted with a copy of this book.

Posted 8/10/2015