Upcoming Rockland Residencies

Rockland Woods
Deadline: 3/15/2023

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a goal, Rockland strives to provide the base layers of the pyramid (food, shelter, love, belonging, safety) to enable its residents the possibility of reaching its peak of “Self-Actualization.” We are committed to offering opportunity to dedicated artists with competitive work samples at any stage in their career.

Artists working in all creative disciplines may apply for either the Fall 2023 (October 4-25) or Winter 2024 (January 10-31) Residency. Rockland’s Residency programs are free and open to anyone 25 years and older from anywhere in the world. However, artists who are currently students are not accepted. We expect residents to arrive on the first day and stay until the final day to receive the full benefit of this free opportunity.

Rockland’s Selection Committee is diverse in terms of genre, race and sexual orientation. It is made up of past-residents and non-affiliated professionals in the fields of music, writing, performance and visual art. We look at the strength of the work samples as our highest factor. We do not request a resume. We consider need, applicants from traditionally marginalized groups and group dynamic when selecting.

Rockland Woods is nestled on 20 acres of second growth forest with direct lake access. The landscape is 100 years of rich and energizing natural beauty. The closest neighboring towns are Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Belfair, WA.

Learn more at www.rocklandwoods.com