Vadon Foundation
Application deadline: 11/8/2021, 11:59 PM

The Vadon Foundation supports innovative community-based initiatives that sustain healthy thriving indigenous nations in perpetuity. The Foundation supports programs working to ensure that every successive generation of indigenous people and culture will face an increasingly brighter future of healthy self-determination, autonomy, evolution, and sustainability. Recognizing that multi-generational problems require multi-generational solutions, they believe that developing and supporting visionary changemakers within Native communities provides the most proven path for fostering long-term progress. The Vadon Foundation Fellowship Award for Native Artists is an unrestricted award of $10,000 to a Native artist of any discipline residing in Washington State. To apply, artists must complete the Artist Trust Fellowship Award application and provide documentation of their Native American heritage in one of the following ways:

  • Documentation of tribal enrollment provided by a federally- or state recognized tribe, band, nation, or Alaska Native Village;
  • Documentation provided by a federally- or state-recognized tribe, band, nation, or Alaska Native village identifying the applicant as a descendant.

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