Vashon Artist Residencies 2023

Vashon Artist Residency
Deadline: 8/25/2022, 11:59 PM

Vashon Artist Residency offers artists space and time to create, connect and live in a community of artists on spectacular Vashon Island in the Salish Sea in Washington State. The residency is located on the shore of Quartermaster Harbor and provides comfortable living accommodations and work space for artists working in the disciplines of visual, dance, theater, music, media, literary and interdisciplinary arts.

Visual artist and Founder Cathy Sarkowsky’s deep desire to share this special place led her to establish this small artist residency, providing artists space to create and develop new work, the time to explore new practices and relationships, and the opportunity to rest and recharge their physical, spiritual, and creative energy.

The Residency provides housing and workspace, on a sliding scale, need-based fee structure. We currently offer 3.5 week long, self-directed residencies to emerging, mid-career, and established artists. We usually have four artists in each residency session. Any work an artist makes at Vashon Artist Residency will be theirs. We do not impose expectations on the artists.

We are committed to offering this opportunity to artists from different races, economic backgrounds, disciplines, home states and countries. We believe that welcoming artists from diverse backgrounds will stimulate growth and exploration for each individual and their cohort.

$30 application fee. Learn about upcoming application workshops and more at

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