What Difference Do Renton Women Make

Renton History Museum

In honor of the centennial of national women’s suffrage in 2020, “What Difference Do Renton Women Make?” is an online exhibit that explores the contributions that Renton women have made to the city’s history. Made possible by a grant from the Washington State History Society’s “Votes for Women” Centennial Program, this online gallery gives you a taste of the larger exhibition hosted in the Renton History Museum’s main gallery from October 28, 2020 through March.

Most Washington women—but not all—gained the vote a few years after Renton became a city. But even without the vote women have pushed expectations and Renton women were no exception. Women have pressed to change ideas about what is appropriate for women. They stepped out of the shadows, using law, government, the strength of sisterhood, and strong arguments to ensure that their talents, skills, and ambitions are recognized.

This exhibit explores the ways in which Renton women have defied narrow expectations and shaped our city in important ways throughout history.