Works by Cathy Fields and Kelly Loney

Kent Centennial Center Gallery
Now through 2/28/2024

Cathy Fields’ work in this exhibit covers a range of themes that the artist comes back to from time to time. Typically, something sparks a thought, and her imagination takes over in the themes of imagined communities, animal stories, environment concerns, and the role that humankind plays in it all. In some works, like “Elk at Dawn” and “Lifting Fog,” the paintings are the result of a personal experience Cathy had. As she was driving into town, Cathy caught the perfect moment when the fog parted and revealed the previously veiled city. A hike along an old logging road near the coast was another perfect moment when a herd of elk overtook Cathy and passed by her on both sides like casual neighbors; it was a moment she remembers with wonder and appreciation for the gift of that experience.

Kelly Loney was a traditional artist until 2020 when she began creating signal box art and needed high resolution images. While she still likes to wet a real brush, Kelly has been in a wondrous digital art rabbit hole for the past four years. This exhibit – at its heart – celebrates the Northwest’s open spaces, often with a bit of quirkiness or humor. Many of the pieces are also public art, brightening street corners in Pierce and King Counties. The Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, Kent Farmland, Bradley Lake Park, the Palouse, and Fort Steilacoom Park are a few of these invaluable spaces. The exhibit is also intended to demonstrate the range of possibilities using digital drawing and painting tools since each piece was created digitally on a Mac, stroke by stroke, layer by layer, much like a traditional painting – with no AI usage.

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