Works by Jessie Brugger and Tara Champion

Helen S. Smith Gallery
Now through 2/22/2024

Works by Jessie Brugger and Tara Champion are now on exhibit at the Helen S. Smith Gallery on the Green River College main campus.

Fogbow is the title of a body of work by Jessie Brugger exploring the magical moments in the everyday. This body of work was created during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons of 2023 when Brugger’s mother was going through cancer. She wanted to capture the importance of being present in every moment and finding the beauty in the time spent with loved ones. (Pictured above, at left: Fogbow, oil on canvas, 2023)

Terraforming is a continued body of work by visual artist Tara Champion, who uses self-representation to explore the connecting factors of identity when childhood trauma has walled off one’s past. This work explores the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying a planet’s or moon’s atmosphere, volatile components, temperature, surface topography or ecology to make it habitable for Earth life.  (Pictured above, at right: Holding Hands, silver gelatin print, 2020)

The Helen S. Smith Gallery was named in honor of the Green River College Foundation’s first President. In addition to being one of the college’s founding members, she was known as a strong advocate for the arts in the community.  The Helen S. Smith Gallery has been an academic resource for the Green River campus and regional art community for 50 years and counting. Green River College is located at 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn.