Works by Roark Congdon

Auburn Community and Event Center Gallery
Dates: 1/4 – 3/4/2024

Roark Congdon’s work is a fusion of digital fabrication and analog painting. He calls it “a marriage of Western art history and the expressive spontaneity of brushwork, all underpinned by my classical sculpture training in Italy. This synthesis allows me to respect the handcrafting process and the tactile beauty of mark-making while embracing the boundless possibilities offered by modern technology.” Referencing his experience in Western art history, he builds the foundation of his artistic expression on his learned experience. “I draw inspiration from the masters who have come before me, learning from their techniques, compositions, and principles. This reverence for tradition informs the structure and aesthetics of my work, providing a solid framework within which I can experiment and innovate.”

The Auburn Community and Event Center is located at 910 Ninth Street SE in Auburn.