Kent Centennial Gallery

Artist, professor, and curator J. Gordon works primarily with graphite, drawing expressive and ghostly portraits of other species. ” I find it fascinating to think about the consciousness of other fauna. How their environment shapes them, especially in increasingly urbanized areas. Running into another animal that you don’t expect in our very human oriented spaces can cause it to take on symbolic qualities in our minds, like they’re some sort of spirit or omen. I also like to slow down and take the time to see, to really see, the little ones around us that we tend to blur out as we focus on our day-to-day tasks. Tiny birds and scurrying things. I think we lose something about our sense of place in the world when we don’t see who we live in it with.”  Gordon earned his BFA from the University of Kansas in Lawrence and his MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.   He currently lives in Shoreline and works primarily in Kirkland.

Lance McMullan is an artist & engineer who uses a camera to share his ephemeral sculptures. This series, Patience (2019), was created on the shores of Thailand over a one-year period. Each piece is created as a reaction to his surroundings and uses only available light and materials provided by nature. He treats the camera sensor as a canvas to be painted, rather than a tool to document reality, as he explores photography’s ability to capture the passage of time. There is no editing; all effects are made by layering light on the camera sensor.

The Kent Centennial Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. It is located at 400 W Gowe Street in Kent.