Youth Action Team to Address Play Equity

King County Play Equity Coalition
Deadline: 10/7/2022

KCPEC is a network of 100+ members dedicated to challenging and changing systems so we can center physical activity as a key part of healthy youth development. The Youth Aciton Team is a youth leadership gruop of 10-12 individuals ages 13-18 who are passionate about advancing equity in youth sports and recreation for underserved youth in King County.

The Youth Action Team will:

  • discuss community issues impacting youth physical activity and create ideas to address current issues
  • participate in monthly meetings, gaining knowledge around community engagement, planning effective meetings with stakeholders, and increasing leadership skills
  • organize and facilitate community engagement by hosting conversation events about equity and access in physical activity

The youths who are chosen for the Play Equity Coalition will get paid for their time and dedication.

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