Art on Main
Now through 7/5/2021

Artist May Kytonen has created an installation titled Yuán Fèn: We Were Fated of hanging tapestries utilizing batik wax resist dyeing that depict the Four Symbols: the mythological creatures featured in Chinese constellations, the guardians of the four cardinal directions. The artist describes how “Yuán Fèn is a word for how fate ties together people and places – invisible forces that guide us in our journeys. The mythological creatures featured in each panel, or the Four Symbols, are found in Chinese constellations and serve as guardians of the four cardinal directions. This work is an invitation to see the invisible threads that connect us all.”

The Art on Main is a program of the City of Auburn. It offers a public window-front exhibition space on E Main Street between N Division Street and Auburn Avenue, and is viewable 24/7.